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Welcome to Cosmic Treasure

Learn how to hunt for meteorites, treasure from the cosmos, for fun and ... well, mostly for fun.

We're just getting started with this Web site, so if you're just getting started in the hobby of meteorite hunting, check back once in a while and watch our site grow along with your new hobby.

Even if you're a seasoned veteran meteorite hound, you're bond to learn something useful here.

As we grow this Web site, we'll be adding sources of information about meteorites, how to look for them, where to buy and sell them, and what equipment you'll need to make this hobby more enjoyable.

We have a couple of great tips to share right away, so let's get started!

Coming Soon:

  • Types of meteorites and how to identify them
  • How and where to search for meteorites
  • Meteor showers
  • Tools, information, and other resources for meteorite hunting

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Learn to see the natural world with new eyes.  Get out and see it before it disappears!
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